Hollywood Superstars – Are the Emmy Wins a Thing of the Past?

Over the years, many actors from the silver screen have transitioned to the tube. They took on roles in memorable TV shows and sitcoms that were roaring successes. Some of them even commanded fat paychecks, comparable to their salaries for films, for each episode. Along with all the acclaim and the cash came the Emmys, the Oscars of the television industry. It seemed almost a given that when a Hollywood superstar is up for an Emmy, he/she will walk away with it.

This is not true only for actors, but for directors as well. Martin Scorsese is the current holder of ‘Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series’ trophy. The dominance is more evident in the categories that are seemingly made for film actors. Acting awards for performances in miniseries and television movies have regularly been won by Hollywood stars.

While the miniseries and TV movies are often shot in one long schedule, it is the ongoing TV series’ that prove to be difficult for film stars to manage. This doesn’t seem to be the case for Charlie Sheen, but there are exceptions to the rule. The issue is the grueling shooting schedules and having to forego film projects.

This is why you see the superstars doing guest appearances on popular show, picking up a hefty paycheck and sometimes an Emmy too. After all, the Academy does honor guest appearances and an Emmy is an Emmy regardless of the category you are nominated in. Yet, it is clear from the list of potential nominees for this year’s Emmys that Hollywood superstars will be there and in the mainstream categories.

However, over the past couple of years, the awards have gone to actors who have made their name on TV. Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad, though now considered a movie star to some extent, has won Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series for three consecutive years and looks set for a fourth win. Last year, Cranston wasn’t eligible to be nominated so the award went to another TV star, Kyle Chandler of Friday Night Lights. Among the movie stars they both have defeated are Alec Baldwin and Steve Carell.

This is not the case in the female category though. The award for Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series has regularly been won by movie stars and that trend seems unlikely to change. Analyzing each and every category where movie stars seem to have lost ground would be an endless tirade. The picture will clear up once the Emmy nominations are announced.