Iron Man 3-China Version

iron man 3
iron man 3

Any and all fans of Marvel that may have been a bit upset over the Chinese release of Iron man 3 are in for a shock, since the Chinese version is longer than the American version and that also by a whole three minutes. This change will be incorporated by an upcoming short film that is going to be released very soon. You will be able to download the video using the little and powerful tool from Quite simple and easy 🙂

However, as of now there are no plans as to how long the short film will be, hence the duration has not been finalized. The extra scenes are produced exclusively on the future Blue-Ray/ DVD release of Iron Man 3. The extra scenes that have been shot for this blockbuster film for the version Iron Man 3 shown in Chinese theaters, is mostly about the character of Dr. Wu, who is seen only for a short bit in the opening sequence. In the Chinese release Dr. Wu also has a scene where he gets involved in a conversation over the telephone of Tony Stark’s A.I. sidekick, Jarvis.

The additional footage that is being incorporated for the Chinese movie is nothing to get too hyped about. Despite the uneasy and precarious relationship between Marvel (U.S.) AND DMG (China) and the mixed response the film has received a colossal earning of $78.6 million at the box office. This film is being compared to the brilliant Avatar, the all time Chinese box office champion which earned the industry a phenomenal $224.7 million.

However, movie lovers will also be excited to notice that Iron Man 3 has earned a monumental $196 million in its initial first five day release for a total of $740 million worldwide. This action packed thriller is expected to reach the brilliant mark of $740 million before even the end of the week, if not before!

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