La Casa De Papel – Money Heist

All series lovers have already heard about La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) and already watched it. This is a series that was created by Alex Pina and it is aired on Spanish television. The first international premier of the series was on Netflix on the 25th December 2017, even though it had already premiered on the second day of May. It was at this time when the original 9 episodes of the series were re-edited to become 13 in the first season. The themes in this series are mainly heist and thriller. If you like suspense and excitement, you should consider playing online casino games such as slot machines. Before you get started make sure to read more info about online casinos, you don’t want to get scammed! We really enjoyed, you should definitely consider checking out this website.

More about La Casa De Papel

1. Plot
The series appears as a flashback or as a story, being told by one of the main characters. It is about one man, only known as professor that is planning to execute the biggest heist there has even been in history. He is a genius and very smart, but in order to execute his plan, he recruits 8 people each having different abilities to help him. The common thing about the eight people he chose to help him execute his genius idea is that they have nothing left to lose. The professor then asks them to pick the name of random city to be the name they will be referred to by. This was a means to ensure that they get to know as little about each other as possible. The grand plan involved them getting into the Royal Mint of Spain and print money worth 2.4 billion. For them to be able to print all his money and create a way of escape, they needed to remain in the building for not less than 11 days. In order to help them buy time and deal with the police for these 11 days, the professor had carefully planned the heist so that the daughter of an important prime minister, together with 66 other hostages were in the building at the time.

2. Location and cast
The storyline of the series is set on the Royal Mint of Spain. However, the series is not filmed there; it is filmed at a building that greatly resembles the Royal Mint of Spain, the Spanish National Research Council. The main cast is as listed below;
• Ursula Corbero going by Tokyo, with her real name being Silene Oliveira. She is the one narrating the series as a flashback of her life.
• Iziar Ituno acting as Raquel Murillio.
• Alvaro Morte going by the professor with his real name being Sergio Marquina.
• Pedro Alonso going byBerlin with his real name being Andre?s De Fonollosa.
• Paco Tous going by Moscow with her real name being Agustin Ramos.
• Jaime Lorente going by Denver with his real name being Daniel Ramos
• Miguel Herran going by Rio with his real name being Anibal Cortes.
• Aiba Flores going by Nairobi with her real name being Agata Jimenez.

People who are looking for a thriller or a heist series, then La Casa De Papel is the deal. It now airs on Netflix, but it has been edited so that there are 13 instead of the original 9 episodes. Each episode has been limited to up to 50 minutes, contrary to the original 70 minutes for each episode.

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