Ocean’s 8 Movie Review

Ocean’s 8 is an American heist, comedy, thriller and mystery film produced by Steven Soderbergh and Susan Ekins. The story by Gary Ross is based on the

Ocean’s Trilogy.

The movie is a heist comedy starring Debbie Ocean (Danny Ocean’s younger sister), formerly imprisoned for fraud after her boyfriend framed her. Debbie Ocean is out to revenge her imprisonment and leads a heist. Their plan is to steal the Toussaint at the Met Gala.
Debbie alongside her former crime partner Lou, gather an all-female crew of a jewelry maker (Amita), a disgraced fashion designer (Rose Weil), a computer hacker (Nine Ball), a street hustler and pickpocket (Constance) and a thief (Tammy)who’s been selling off goods from her family’s home. With her crew all set to carry out the heist; the crew manipulates the gala’s co-host into wearing the Toussaint, a $150 million worth Cartier necklace, to the Met Gala.
Daphne plays the role of a gullible actress whose weakness is manipulated to make the heist successful. Daphne chooses Rose Weil as her stylist and invited Claude Baker, an art dealer who played a role in the arrest of Debbie.
Rose Weil is an intelligent character and helps point out the flaws in Debbie’s plot. She first discovers that Debbie is out on a revenge mission and later points out that only a special magnet can unlock the Toussaint. Nine Ball’s younger sister, Veronica, creates a similar magnet in time for the Gala night. On the gala night, Lou spikes Daphne’s soup. As Daphne vomits in the washrooms, Constance steals the Toussaint.
The museum is evacuated and searched to find the missing necklace. Tammy retrieves the cubic zirconia duplicate of the Toussaint and “finds” it as the real. In the meantime, Amita retrieves and disassembles the original. Constance distributes the pieces to all crewmembers and plants one of the diamonds on Claude Baker.
After the gala, Cartier discovers that the necklace is a fake and calls in his insurance fraud investigator, John Frazer. Debbie acts innocent and leads Frazer to Daphne who finds the diamonds on Baker. After sending Frazer a photo of the diamonds, Frazer obtains an arrest warrant for Baker. Debbie then sells the diamonds through actresses disguised as elderly socialites and deposits the money in an account under Baker’s name. The evidence against Baker is overwhelming and he is arrested.
The group splits the money between themselves and each goes their separate ways. The stakes are higher than expected due to an additional theft of crown jewels by Lou.
Warner Bros released Ocean’s 8 on June 8, 2018. The movie received generally positive review with an approval 67% approval rating. While it does not hold a similar thrill to its predecessors, Ocean’s 8 still has enough flair and chemistry, with the special concept about it being its all-female cast. However, most critics agree that the crew’s acting talents were not fully utilized. Given the film was a female version of the male-dominated Ocean’s Thirteen, Ocean’s 8 did a good job recreating the movie, though it could have been more fun. If you are looking for a jackpot, no need to be like Debbie, Daphne or the others. You could recreate your own American heist by p laying online casinos. Slot machines, roulette and many more available at onlinecasinobonusreviews, where you could win big like Danny Ocean did in the previous Ocean’s serie.

• Sandra A. Bullock as Debbie Ocean
• Cate E. Blanchett as Lou
• Anna J. Hathaway as Daphne Kluger
• Vera “Mindy Kaling” Chokalingam
• Sarah C. Paulson as Tammy
• Nora “Awkwafina” Lum as Constance
• Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty as Nine Ball
• Helena B. Carter as Rose Weil

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