Overview of Avengers : Infinity War

Directors Anthony Rusco and Joe are the figures behind the stunning, hilarious and heartbreaking superhero movie. The Avengers : Infinity War series tells a story of a universe filled with villains and superheroes where nobody is safe. The heavily marketed and promoted film came after a series of 18 films that preceded it, making it the most anticipated Avengers movie in 2018. Following its release, the two hours movie took over the screens as the greatest culmination of Marvel comic based films for the past decade.

Here are five major sizzling concepts and reasons as to why everyone loves the Avengers : Infinity war film.

1. Tease
Both Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow) and Chris Evans (Captain America) have a greater role in the Avengers Infinity War sequel, which follows their role in defending Earth during the first two Marvel Studio Avengers movies. Since the official release of Iron Man, the first MCU film, the Avengers : Infinity war has been continuously teased. In the film’s post-credits, we learn about a particular initiative by the Avengers. One unexpected concept is that there are some Marvel villains, such as Thanos – the Big Bad who can take on all Avengers single-handedly.

2. Thanos
Titan Thanos plays the role of the main evil character in the film. He takes on multiple MCU superheroes and comes out unscathed. The Infinity War series shows us what he is capable of, handling the great power play by the guys in tight pants. If you haven’t seen the movie but are a fan of the Avengers we will all agree Thor seems to be the only superhero strong enough to defeat Thanos! No spoilers here, I let you watch the movie. There is a great game based on Thor called Thunderstuck, if you are a fan, check out https://casinohub.club/.

3. Convergence
The Avengers Infinity war sees the convergence of all MCU superheroes in one glorious battle against Titan Thanos, the biggest threat to their universe. The film has all your favorite Marvel superheroes. Even if one does not love, say, Iron Man, then there is Captain America to root for. The biggest strength of the Infinity War series is the sheer variety of characters that we have followed for the past decade.

4. Black Order
Although Titan Thanos might be powerful enough to outdo all Avengers put together, including the Black-order- a well-organized clique of super-powerful aliens is certainly captivating. Black order members can be viewed as compelling, murderous villains with motivations contrary to those of Thanos.

5. War
One of the biggest lures in the film is infinity war in the movie- the war of Infinity Stones. It is exciting to watch the endless fights between the Marvel Superheroes and Thanos together with his Black Order. The individual duels in the infinity war are sizzling and hilarious, something most comic-book fans admire. The Avengers: Infinity War took over cinemas as the most bizarre movie in the history of Marvel.

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