Will ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Beat ‘The Avengers’?

The anticipation is high, the release date near and the heartbeats are getting faster. Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is finally releasing, bringing his Batman trilogy to an end after a four year wait. Given the colossal success of ‘The Dark Knight’ it was expected that the final chapter in the series would be bigger and better, but just how big. Waiting for these games to be available on slot machines with online casinos or land-based casinos, you might enjoy other games inspired by famous movies such as Jurassic Park, World or Terminator II! Check casinoreviewscanada.co for more details.

This year’s summer movie season was kicked off by Marvel’s ‘The Avengers’. Like TDKR, ‘The Avengers’ is also a superhero movie, but features not one but six heroes from the Marvel universe. It was heavily promoted and publicized and released amid huge expectations. And boy did it deliver? The movie shattered, destroyed and massacred the record for the highest opening weekend box office gross on this side of the Atlantic.

Boosted by 3D prices and expectant fans, ‘The Avengers’ raked up $207 million on its first weekend. That is the biggest three-day haul ever for a movie. Given the fact that 3D tickets come at a premium, it was still an achievement not many people were expecting. If the ‘wow’ price becomes an issue there’s a fantastic tool on the internet that can help you download the movies you want: Pro Video Downloader! ‘The Dark Knight’ had held the record for a while, opening with $158.4 million in 2008. However, Nolan has continued to shun 3D and that is the case with ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ as well.

The added advantage of the pricey 3D tickets is not in TDKR’s favor but it is expected to open huge. The exact figure cannot be guessed, as there is no way to determine how many people would turn out on the opening weekend. That being said, industry insiders are suggesting that the opening would be upwards of $170 million. That would mean the movie would be number two after ‘The Avengers’.

The 3D factor has been discussed over and over again, especially because it added around $20 million to ‘The Avengers’ gross. Otherwise it would not have gone north of $200 million. Yet, no one can doubt the huge fan following of Nolan’s Batman movies. There is no doubt, in anyone’s mind, that ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ would be a success.

Ending up behind ‘The Avengers’ on the opening weekend gross would still mean that ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ holds the record for a non-3D film. What these movies have proved that having established Hollywood superstars and a good storyline guarantees success and billions of dollars in box office revenue. The final verdict can only be delivered when the movie opens this weekend.